1 hour Marrakech camel ride [Lalla Takerkoust lake]

The Lalla Takerkoust lake dam, located at the foot of the High Atlas Mountains, which is 7 km long and has blue waters stretching to the foot of the Atlas Mountains, is 35 km south of Marrakech. . The artificial lake Lalla Takerkoust is an escape from the city and a privileged place for relaxation and harmony with nature during your trip through Morocco.

Your private chauffeur will pick you up directly where you wish, at your hotel or at your accommodation or at any other place in Marrakech that you have previously indicated. Your departure will be at arround 09:00 to the lake of Lalla Takerkoust.

Upon your arrival, you can begin your discovery of spectacular landscapes of the High Atlas Mountains, with a beautiful Camel Ride around a wild nature on Lake Lalla Takerkoust, in a pleasant environment, and a majestic beauty of the lake . After lunch in a typical restaurant by the lake.

Spend a night in Zagora luxury desert camp

One of the most common dreams among those traveling in the Moroccan desert is to sleep in a Sahara desert camp. These desert camps are located in the middle of the dunes and under a tremendous starry sky. You will enjoy the absolute peace and experience the real silence of the desert  in these Berber tents. If you want to discover the magic of staying in this environment but without giving up all the comfort, your best option is the one we present on this page.

Zagora desert camp, a luxury souvenir

The tents of the Sahara are much more than just simple tents. They play a very important role in nomadic life, as you will experience when you see the richness, beauty and functionality of their interiors. They are full of blankets, rugs and cushions, making it a pleasant and welcoming space. You will not believe how exciting it is to be in the middle of the Moroccan desert!

In fact, our tent camp in the Sahara is a VIP place offering all the luxury of interior comfort and optimal hygiene conditions, including the complete bathroom with shower. All this in an environment of authentic peace and silence, with the sky dotted with innumerable stars. It will be a memory difficult to forget!

In addition, to get to this camp, you will enjoy a camel ride or a 4×4 transfer. Without a doubt, a way to feel and experience the desert in its purest state, where we will also prepare a typical Berber dinner and a fantastic breakfast.

During the night, before going to sleep, we will animate the atmosphere with a party around the bonfire with timpani music and local instruments. A cultural experience that, with the charm of the desert, can be experienced at any time of the year. The New Year is one of the days preferred by our customers. The tented camp located in the Sahara offers rooms in the form of nomadic tents, decorated with Berber craftsmanship, traditional materials and furnished with modern mattresses, as well as an intimate lighting for confortable stay.

Prices of our tents & extra information

Our camp is located in the dunes of Zagora, about 6 km from the city. The price of our desert tents includes the following points:

  • Camel excursion to the camp (round trip) or 4×4 vehicle
  • Dinner and breakfast
  • Decoration and typically Moroccan furniture
  • Private bathroom inside the tent, with shower
  • Drum Show with Berber rhythms

* The price for children up to 10 years is 60 €.
* See our special discounts for groups and for children under 5 years old
* All kinds of events are organized on request, with musical performances and traditional desert dances
* Menus can be personalized, for example with typical Berber lamb

Come enjoy an unforgettable night, comfortable and safe in our camp tent in teh desert of Zagora!

Marrakech guided tours, discover the secrets of the red city

Are you in vacation on Marrakech and would like to discover the most attractions of the city ? We can accompany you to discover interesting monuments, culture and anecdotes through a guided tour. Marrakech city, which has a particular charm, will reveal all its secrets at the hand of a local tour guide.

Tell us what is the desired duration of your guided tour, the number of people in the group and any other details , such as the need to use a vehicle or suggestions for excursions in the city.

Local guides who collaborate with Come To Morocco agency are official, with the corresponding license from the Ministry of Tourism. Of course, they are fluent in English, although we can also provide you with professionals in other languages. They know very well the history, the culture and the popular life in general and will organize for you the most appropriate itinerary according to your interests, the age of the participants and any other criterion that you indicate.

Advantages of a guided tour of Marrakech

As in any other city in Morocco and the world, the choice of a guided tour has a great advantage. A professional guide will make sure to let you discover all the interesting places for you. And he will give you any explanation possible.

Among the places you can visit with our guides include the Koutobia Mosque, Medersa ben Youssef, the Saadian Tombs, Jmaa el Fna Square, the Bahia Palace and the souks crafts. In this way, you can will make a general idea about the city. Then you can continue to discover for yourself this fascinating city.

Hot aire ballon ride in Marrakech: exciting experience not to be missed

Forget the loud medina of Marrakech and let yourself be seduced by the pleasure of silently flying over the most beautiful landscapes of Morocco. It’s an exciting experience that you shouldn’t miss.

After passing the hotel, we will drive to the north until we leave the city, to arrive at Jebilet, our destination, in about an hour.

Once arrived, we will begin preparations to inflate the balloon and start our adventure. Flying in the first hour is the best because of the calm of the air and the light of dawn.

We will take off at 7 am and for an hour. Then we will cross the sky in silence, which will make it a unique experience.

After the flight, we will have tea and a breakfast with the local inhabitants and start our way to home.

We will be back at the hotel around 11:00 am.

Quad biking in marakech desert [Agafay]

Are you in Marrakech and would like to live the experience of a quad biking in the Sahara Desert ?

Then, Come To Morocco agency has what you are looking for.

We offer itineraries through the most spectacular tracks of the desert Agafay and Lalla Takerkoust. You will experience the adrenaline of speed and adventure in an incomparable conditions. These tracks was reserved for only for Rally Dakar participants until now.  You will find below all the information and explanations about the cost of this service and the included things. If you are a lover of the engine and risk, you must not miss it!

Quad bike rental

Our Sahara quad rental service offers routes by tracks and desert dunes, mainly in the region of Marakech (Agafay desert). You can book a short trips but you can also rent several days quad tour, which is an authentic adventure for adventure travelers.

During your desert quad tour, there will be professional instructors. They will guide you and take you through landscapes of extraordinary contrasts under the sun of the Agafay desert, in the region of Marrakech and its surroundings.

We offer an unforgettable adventure in high-end vehicles. Our vehicles are equipped with all the security measures to make your experience a pleasant experience. You will be equipped with helmets, belts and other protective measures. In addition, the professional guides who are part of the service will make sure that you enjoy your experience.

It is not necessary to have any prior experience to enjoy this service. There are vehicles and itineraries for all levels. From the most technical and risky to the easets. All these itineraries will make you enjoying the landscape. You will discover that riding a quad in the Sahara is much easier than you thought. In any case, you will receive the necessary explanations from our instructors so that you can drive your vehicle without any problem.



Dune buggy rental in Marrakech desert [varied packages]

1 hour tour

Enjoy an hour of sailing in the golden dunes of Erg Chebbi aboard your stroller. It’s an ideal way to have your first contact with driving in the dunes which will encourage you to repeat this experience for more other hours and way not for more other days

Feel the adrenaline of its gentle undulations under your feet.

2 hours tour

After having traveled several kilometers of rolling dunes, we will reach the oasis. A small haven of peace between dunes, in the shade of palm trees.

After a delicious Moroccan tea to regain strength, we will cross the sea of dunes that will take us back to the village.

half day tour

An ideal program to deepen the life of the desert. In addition to crossing the sea of Erg Chebbi dunes, we cross a river of sand to access nomadic settlements. Get rid of the clock and get ready to go back in time, discover other forms of life, day after day, under a goat hair woven quilt, and let yourself be moved by the tranquility of these simple and hospitable people while sharing a tea with them in their modest home.

Full day tour

The huge desert deserves to spend time and discover it calmly and patiently, at your own rythme.

On this full day buggy tour to discover the deep desert, we will not only cross dunes or rivers of sand but we will also experience the life of the nomads of the hammada. You will also have the opportunity to spend the night in a tent camp and enjoy the charms of the desert and its wonderful starry sky.

In the light of the stars, savoring the delicious Moroccan gastronomy, you will live one of the greatest experiences of your life.

2 days tour

For the more adventurous and eager to experience the desert in depth, we have prepared this unforgettable itinerary.

The erg are the dune forms that appear in the middle of the desert. Each erg has a shape and personality depending on its location and the strength of sandstorms.

For two days and one night, we will go through the 3 ergs adjacent to the Erg Chebbi region: erg Znigui, erg Ouzina and Erg Chebbi itself.

To access each of them, we will cross the contrasting landscapes of the desert: rivers of sand, wild oases, canyons and plateaus cut in the middle of the most stony hammada.

In addition, we will have the opportunity to experience the life of the inhabitants of these arid lands: the nomads, with whom we will share the tea and the silence of the desert.

We will also spend a night in a tented camp contemplating the huge starry sky that offers us the nights of the desert.

Camel ride in the palm grove of Marrakech

Enjoy a 1-hour camel ride through one of the green lungs of Marrakech city.

The palm grove of Marrakech is a beautiful and quiet place, just 15 minutes from the city center, contains more than 100,000 trees, mainly palm trees, on approximately 15,000 hectares, this site is classified as a natural and tourist heritage of the city.

Your driver will pick you up at your hotel or Riad and drive you to the palm grove. Upon arrival the camel driver shows you how to wrap the Tagelmust around the head against the sun, and djellabas like the Tuareg men. Before departure, you can enjoy taking beautiful pictures between palms in traditional Berber clothing. After that, you start your desert camel trek. The dromedary survives without water for several weeks, with temperatures of 50 degrees in the Sahara desert.

Through its traditional Berber villages, next to the Villas and luxury residences.

Price: 20 € per person


  • Transportation to and from your Hotel
  • Traditional Berber costume for the ride
  • 1 hour ride on a camel
  • Fresh mint tea