Dune buggy rental in Marrakech desert [varied packages]

1 hour tour

Enjoy an hour of sailing in the golden dunes of Erg Chebbi aboard your stroller. It’s an ideal way to have your first contact with driving in the dunes which will encourage you to repeat this experience for more other hours and way not for more other days

Feel the adrenaline of its gentle undulations under your feet.

2 hours tour

After having traveled several kilometers of rolling dunes, we will reach the oasis. A small haven of peace between dunes, in the shade of palm trees.

After a delicious Moroccan tea to regain strength, we will cross the sea of dunes that will take us back to the village.

half day tour

An ideal program to deepen the life of the desert. In addition to crossing the sea of Erg Chebbi dunes, we cross a river of sand to access nomadic settlements. Get rid of the clock and get ready to go back in time, discover other forms of life, day after day, under a goat hair woven quilt, and let yourself be moved by the tranquility of these simple and hospitable people while sharing a tea with them in their modest home.

Full day tour

The huge desert deserves to spend time and discover it calmly and patiently, at your own rythme.

On this full day buggy tour to discover the deep desert, we will not only cross dunes or rivers of sand but we will also experience the life of the nomads of the hammada. You will also have the opportunity to spend the night in a tent camp and enjoy the charms of the desert and its wonderful starry sky.

In the light of the stars, savoring the delicious Moroccan gastronomy, you will live one of the greatest experiences of your life.

2 days tour

For the more adventurous and eager to experience the desert in depth, we have prepared this unforgettable itinerary.

The erg are the dune forms that appear in the middle of the desert. Each erg has a shape and personality depending on its location and the strength of sandstorms.

For two days and one night, we will go through the 3 ergs adjacent to the Erg Chebbi region: erg Znigui, erg Ouzina and Erg Chebbi itself.

To access each of them, we will cross the contrasting landscapes of the desert: rivers of sand, wild oases, canyons and plateaus cut in the middle of the most stony hammada.

In addition, we will have the opportunity to experience the life of the inhabitants of these arid lands: the nomads, with whom we will share the tea and the silence of the desert.

We will also spend a night in a tented camp contemplating the huge starry sky that offers us the nights of the desert.