Hot aire ballon ride in Marrakech: exciting experience not to be missed

Forget the loud medina of Marrakech and let yourself be seduced by the pleasure of silently flying over the most beautiful landscapes of Morocco. It’s an exciting experience that you shouldn’t miss.

After passing the hotel, we will drive to the north until we leave the city, to arrive at Jebilet, our destination, in about an hour.

Once arrived, we will begin preparations to inflate the balloon and start our adventure. Flying in the first hour is the best because of the calm of the air and the light of dawn.

We will take off at 7 am and for an hour. Then we will cross the sky in silence, which will make it a unique experience.

After the flight, we will have tea and a breakfast with the local inhabitants and start our way to home.

We will be back at the hotel around 11:00 am.