Spend a night in Zagora luxury desert camp

One of the most common dreams among those traveling in the Moroccan desert is to sleep in a Sahara desert camp. These desert camps are located in the middle of the dunes and under a tremendous starry sky. You will enjoy the absolute peace and experience the real silence of the desert  in these Berber tents. If you want to discover the magic of staying in this environment but without giving up all the comfort, your best option is the one we present on this page.

Zagora desert camp, a luxury souvenir

The tents of the Sahara are much more than just simple tents. They play a very important role in nomadic life, as you will experience when you see the richness, beauty and functionality of their interiors. They are full of blankets, rugs and cushions, making it a pleasant and welcoming space. You will not believe how exciting it is to be in the middle of the Moroccan desert!

In fact, our tent camp in the Sahara is a VIP place offering all the luxury of interior comfort and optimal hygiene conditions, including the complete bathroom with shower. All this in an environment of authentic peace and silence, with the sky dotted with innumerable stars. It will be a memory difficult to forget!

In addition, to get to this camp, you will enjoy a camel ride or a 4×4 transfer. Without a doubt, a way to feel and experience the desert in its purest state, where we will also prepare a typical Berber dinner and a fantastic breakfast.

During the night, before going to sleep, we will animate the atmosphere with a party around the bonfire with timpani music and local instruments. A cultural experience that, with the charm of the desert, can be experienced at any time of the year. The New Year is one of the days preferred by our customers. The tented camp located in the Sahara offers rooms in the form of nomadic tents, decorated with Berber craftsmanship, traditional materials and furnished with modern mattresses, as well as an intimate lighting for confortable stay.

Prices of our tents & extra information

Our camp is located in the dunes of Zagora, about 6 km from the city. The price of our desert tents includes the following points:

  • Camel excursion to the camp (round trip) or 4×4 vehicle
  • Dinner and breakfast
  • Decoration and typically Moroccan furniture
  • Private bathroom inside the tent, with shower
  • Drum Show with Berber rhythms

* The price for children up to 10 years is 60 €.
* See our special discounts for groups and for children under 5 years old
* All kinds of events are organized on request, with musical performances and traditional desert dances
* Menus can be personalized, for example with typical Berber lamb

Come enjoy an unforgettable night, comfortable and safe in our camp tent in teh desert of Zagora!